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(+Interwicket bot flag request)
* Technical details: svn pywikipediabot, latest versions
Благодарю за внимание. --[[Участник:Roggy]]
Bot flag request
* '''Owner/runner:''' [[:en:User:Robert Ullmann]]
* '''Language/platform:''' Python, part of "wikipedia framework", MW API
* '''Code:''' [[:en:User:Interwicket/code]]
* '''Status/edits on wikts:''' [[:en:User:Interwicket/FL status]]
Bot is written to use the Mediawiki API, which is much more effective than the wikipedia pybot framework; it does use the framework module for language links, to stay up with changes in wikt policies (that are included there, some are not!).
It's primary function is to keep all the en.wikt links up to date, here it will be adding reciprocal links to the en.wikt when a link is added there; it is generally a good idea to keep these symmetrical. This is part of a project to develop interwiki code specifically for the wiktionaries. It also adds any other valid links it has found and removes any known to be invalid.
For more information, please see [[:en:User:Interwicket]] and subpages.
It has done a number of [[Special:Contributions/Interwicket|tests here]], in a test mode where it makes edits only once every few hours (on average). [[Участник:Robert Ullmann|Robert Ullmann]] 15:40, 3 февраля 2009 (UTC)