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== Dutch conjugations / Нидерландские спряжения ==
Sorry for the English. Typing/writing Russian is too cumbersome for me. I have been creating templates for as full a set of verb forms -including the many auxiliary compound ones- for Dutch verbs and I made a Russian version [[:template:Conjugationconjugation nl]]. A good example for what the results looks like is [[aanbieden/спряжение]]. I deliberately used the same parameter structure we used at nl.wikt and that means that most items on [[:nl:Categorie:Vervoeging in het Nederlands]] could be imported here by a bot.
:I do say ''most'', because it would only be the ones that carry the template -nlverb-, not the ones that have -nlverb-reflex- or -nlverb-onpers-. They have different parameters and I have not translated that yet. That would still leave most of the 11,000 or so. Maybe 9000-10,000 or so. I have a bunch of questions:
#Is there anyone that can/would like to do help me with this?