fr Le français est la langue maternelle de cette personne.
en-2 This user is able to contribute with an intermediate level of English.
la-2 Hic usuarius media latinitate contribuere potis est.
ru-0 Этот участник не понимает русского языка (или понимает со значительными трудностями).
lt-0 Šis naudotojas negali rašyti ir skaityti lietuvių kalba (arba ją supranta labai sunkiai).

I am mainly active on the French wiktionary (« le Wiktionnaire »). You can see my user page and my contributions there.

I am very much interested in Indo-European languages and etymologies. I would like to learn Lithuanian, Russian, Croatian, German, Norwegian, Icelandic, and many more ! You can send me an email if you want to get a complete list 8)

Feel free to correct my mistakes, I will be glad of it : I want to improve my English.