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{{#if:{{{inerg|}}}|{{conjugation nl inerg|8={{{8}}}|3pass={{{3pass|}}}}}}}
{{#if:{{{overg|}}}|{{conjugation nl inerg|8={{{8}}}|3pass={{{3pass|}}}}}{{conjugation nl trans|8={{{8}}}|3pass={{{3pass|}}}}}|}}
{{#if:{{{ditr|}}}|{{conjugation nl inerg|8={{{8}}}|3pass={{{3pass|}}}}}{{conjugation nl trans|8={{{8}}}|3pass={{{3pass|}}}}}{{conjugation nl ditr|8={{{8}}}|3pass3ppass={{{3pass3ppass|}}}}}}}
|}<includeonly>[[Категория:Нидерландские спражения]]
:'''noimp''' suppresses imperative forms
:'''3only''' puts forms of 1st/2nd person in brackets in active forms - not supported for now
:'''3pass''' suppresses 1st/2nd person forms in passive(they are often unusual for semantic reasons).
:'''3ppass''' suppresses 1st/2nd person forms in pseudo- passive (don't know if that is ever needed.
:'''overg''' adds passive voice for transitive verb - supported since may 26 2014
:'''ditr''' adds both passive and pseudo-passive forms for ditransitives - not supported yet